音樂與戲劇,其實都是一面鏡子,反映着社會的形態和文化的肌理。而《仙樂飄飄處處聞》將兩者兼容於一身,以旋律輕快的樂曲訴說奧地利與德國之間的故事,值得你我多番細嚼。在剛過去的12月20日至1月7日,澳門威尼斯人劇場上演了The London West End Production的《仙樂飄飄處處聞》,連日來的演出在一片如潮的掌聲中落下帷幕,觸動觀眾們的心弦。

一齣經典的音樂劇,並不會隨年月流逝而褪色,而《仙樂飄飄處處聞》亦然。此音樂劇從1959 年11月16日首演至今仍未間斷地演出,一直深受觀眾的喜愛。The London West End Production肩負起傳承經典的使命,走訪世界多個地方,在不同的舞台上再次呈現故事。雖然長青的音樂劇大可一成不變,但劇團每次卻反倒為此劇注入新元素。他們挑選了20位才華洋溢的港澳小演員輪流飾演Von Trapp一家的孩子,無疑讓所有觀眾頓感耳目一新。短短兩個月的訓練,小演員已和固定演員練成默契,充分展現活潑的氣息。開幕禮當日盛況空前,棋人娛樂製作創辦人鍾楚霖(小霖),以及小肥、陳慧敏、周佩英、歐陽日華、龍世傑、羅凱瑩、蘇耀光、古卓文、伍家怡等棋人旗下歌手亦有到場參與,一起期待《仙樂飄飄處處聞》在澳門威尼斯人劇場綻放音樂光彩。




Music and drama are, indeed, mirrors that reflect the formation and culture of society. With a blend of music and drama, “The Sound of Music” reveals the story between Austria and Germany through a number of melodic songs. Met with loud applause, “The Sound of Music” concluded successfully in the Venetian Theatre during the period from 20th December to 7th January.

Continuing the Legend
A classic musical will always be remembered despite the passing of time, just as “The Sound of Music”. Since its premiere in 16th November 1959, this musical has become one of the most top-rated musicals in the hearts of audiences. The London West End Production takes up the responsibility to continue the legend, and it traveled to different places around the world to perform the musical. Although the songs and plot are supposed to be same, the London West End Production still attempts to add a touch of surprise to the musical each time. Twenty children from Hong Kong and Macau were chosen to be part of the von Trapp family. Their performances had truly livened up the musical. Jones Chong, the founder of Chessman, together with Chessman artists including Siu Fay, Vivian Chan, Priscilla Chao, Kane Ao Ieong, Rico Long, Viviana Lou, Germano Ku and Cherry Ng, joined the opening night before the first day of the show, hoping that the show would light up the theatre with musical vibes.

The Music that Cleanse Your Mind
So what is the charm of “The Sound of Music”? To me, it probably is the songs that bring back our memories. Even if we are born in different eras and backgrounds, we at least know how to hum the song “Do-Re-Mi”. We all have indulged in the happiness that music brings. From the songs, lighting, stage backdrops to the plot, everything in this musical were meticulously arranged. The skillful dance movements and appealing voices of the actors and actresses allowed audiences to take great pleasure in music.

The Value of Culture
Chessman introduce this world-famous musical to Macau not only because we hope to show people the power of music, but also to foster and develop cultural consumption in Macau. As a Macanese, Jones would like to take the initiative in promoting culture consumption, “We still believe that the habits of cultural consumption cannot be cultivated at one time. But there must be someone who is willing to take the risk in the process.” Chessman reckon that the cultural and creative industry will grow rapidly in the years to come.

Text: Elok Wong
Art: Agnes Wong

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