「我的一日一畫,起於無厘頭,終於無意義。」以幽默獨特的視覺,一筆一劃解構生活中平凡的小事物。來自上海的廣告人Tango Gao,利用空餘時間以繪畫宣洩日常生活中無處釋放的創意,漫不經意的詼諧風格讓人忍雋不禁,同時啟發大眾想像力,驅使人們重新思考。


他的作品讓人看完忍不住發笑之餘,同時使人感歎到原來看似平平無奇的事竟可如此扭轉角度。當中#I have a dream這個系列,他利用豐富想像力把我們身邊所有平凡的事物都加入「夢想」的概念:一個Cupcake幻想自己變成Shakespeare;指甲鉗苦有所思地望向剛剪下而成的月亮,兩件看似毫無關連的事在他筆下毫不違和地連繫起來。

另一個名叫#millennials的系列,則以詼諧手法描繪千禧年後資訊科技發達的生活:Wifi的兩個「i」變成了兩個吊起來的人,Wifi密碼則為Hang Online;Barcode跳樓後變成QR code;Wifi化身為Pizza讓一眾手機分享。看似無厘頭的畫面,都充滿著漫不經意的隱喻,細看後又讓人禁不住嘴角上揚。所有的平平無奇,都被他描繪得妙趣橫生。



Tango Gao, an adman from Shanghai, uses his leisure time to express himself through his creative side by creating thought-provoking yet light and fun illustrations without using words. The witty illustrations help people to destress and recharge, at the same time guiding people to look at every little thing in our daily lives from different perspectives in order to find art and humor in the mundane.

A busy adman during the daytime turns into a comic illustrator at night time. Tango began creating these clever illustrations back in 2010 when prompted by a friend. Since then he has developed a habit of drawing daily and posting them on social media upon completion. His subjects are plucked from everyday life, which include celebrities and some renowned architecture.

The illustrations are always funny yet thought-provoking, and his ability to turn something ordinary into extraordinary can make people go ‘Wow’. Several interesting series has grabbed the attention of the public. One of them is called ‘I have a dream’. The simple but meaningful stories are the most unique expression of his own understanding of ‘dream’. Two seemingly unrelated things are perfectly brought together in his works: A cupcake visualizes itself as Shakespeare and a nail clipper looking at a clipped nail in the shape of a crescent moon.

Aiming at smartphone-gazing millennials and their fascination with technology and social media, ‘Millennials’ evokes resonance among teenagers nowadays: The two ‘i’ in WiFi turns into two people who are hanged on it and the Wi-Fi password is ‘Hang Online’, Barcode becomes QR code after jumping off a building, several smartphones are sharing a WiFi pizza together. Making sense of cultural nonsense, he indeed gives subtle social and cultural criticism to nowadays’ society.

The stories from the basic jokes of life help people to relax and release their stress from the urban and busy life. Tango wishes his drawings could act as a way out for urban people who suffer from the pressure of life and work and let them feel the beauty of the world. There’s not much implications in his works, he simply wants to bring laughter and energy to people.

Text: Natalie Hui
Art: Agnes Wong

ISSUE #260



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