Ken Sou is a singer-song writer and music producer that made his debut in Macau. Experienced in performing and production, he won a number of Macau music related awards. Working with artists that include Siu Fay, Sean Pang and Nick Ngai, he has written over 60 songs and his musical talent is acclaimed.

In 2017, Ken released his first solo Believe Earlier and received overwhelming support from his fans. Besides, he played a role in the micro-film Let’s Sing! Bro, aiming at becoming an all-round artist. In the future, Ken will be writing more excellent musical pieces for each one of us.


2017年蘇耀光發佈了首張個人專輯《早相信》,收錄了不少好歌在內,獲得歌迷一致好評。此外,蘇耀光主演《熱唱吧 兄弟》,希望從多方面發展演藝事業。除了幕前演出外,也積極參與幕後創作。在未來的日子裡,蘇耀光將創作更多精彩的音樂,繼續將好歌帶給每一位。

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