Kane, a young singer from Macau, is highly commended for capturing the sadness of ballads. In recent years he is experimenting with different music genres, for example, the R&B song ‘May I……’ was a breakthrough and it received good notices. In order to become a truly all-round entertainer, he also puts great effort into learning dancing. Having been taking parts in different singing competitions since secondary school in Macau, he finished fifteenth at The Voice of China (Macau audition), earned 1st runner-up and Most Popular Singer Award at the Macau Teen Mandarin Singing Contest 2011, the championship at the 2011 Teen Singing Competition, and became the semi-finals of Singing Arena 3, winning the final 2nd runner-up. His singing and dancing performance of Beat It (by Michael Jackson) at the Macau annual countdown show in 2014 which was his first time to participate in such event successfully amazed the audience.

Apart from singing, Kane tries to take roles in Guia In Love (film), Let’s Sing! Bro (micro-film by Fu Hong Society), Rabbit Lantern and Dreamers! Go! Go!.(Macau Original Outdoor Musical). In the future, he expects to participate in a wider range of advertising shooting and filming.

In 2016, he traveled far away from Hong Kong to Korea for an intensive training program, aiming to be an all-rounded singer. By the end of 2017, he collaborated with the South Korean rapper, Kisum, leading Macau music to the international music industry.

歐陽日華,澳門新一代歌手,擅長演唱憂鬱情歌,近年也嘗試不同曲風,如《May I ......》一曲R&B就打破其一貫情歌王子形象,獲各界一致好評。他更致力於學習舞蹈,務求向全方位發展。歐陽日華中學時期開始已活躍於澳門歌唱比賽,曾入選中國好聲音澳門站15強,榮獲「柏蕙杯」2011年全澳青少年普通話歌唱比賽亞軍及最受歡迎獎、2011青少年藝能歌唱大賽冠軍、澳廣視《SING擂台3》台主及總決賽季軍。歐陽日華於2014年首次參與除夕倒數晚會,以跳唱形式演繹Michael Jackson的《Beat It》,令人眼前一亮。


2016年遠赴韓國進行歌舞培訓,以成為全方位唱跳歌手目標前進。他在2017年末與韓國新生代女Rapper Kisum進行跨國音樂合作,帶領澳門音樂走向國際。

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