Vivian’s great voice and cute face are the catalysts of her performance in the music industry in both Hong Kong and Macau, and she successfully collected a number of hits such as Eventually and Self-Camera. Her passion for music and courage to challenge led her to singing contests. Since finishing tenth in The Voice 2, she made her official debut in Hong Kong later in 2013 and released the first album under her name. In 2014, Vivian was crowned the champion of The Voice of China (Macau Audition).

Vivian’s second solo album A Nobody was released in 2015 and she had her very first concert titled Flight Mode, leading the audience to enter a world solely filled with music without any other noises to seek our ultimate innocence. She has participated in a number of micro films and musicals. She was the leading role in the musical Dreamers! Go! Go! for twice. In addition, she made her movie debut playing the leading role for the first time in Guia in Love, and she took part in several movies such as Return of the Cuckoo and 29+1. She also dubbed for the movie Sky on Fire in Cantonese. Meanwhile, she is the vice president of Macau Artistes Association.

Despite her success in the acting career, she still persists in bringing good music to everyone. In 2016 and 2017, she released two self-composed songs – The Wish of Ho Jai and Lee Lo May, and received over 100 thousands views. In 2017, she collaborated with Pai LeaDer and released Children's Song Medley, which reached more than 2 million views. She also released her third album A Particle and held her first concert We Are Silly in Hong Kong.




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