Bob Lam was chosen to be the new face of BICHO, the popular Japanese style barbecue restaurant. Working on art direction as well as the latest advertising designs, the color black plays a big role in matching the dark tone of the interior and the concept of ‘emotions’ was applied as theme to promote the signature dishes. This belongs to the same advertising series under ET Troop Group as the Thai restaurant SIAM 28.
人氣日式燒烤店備長邀請BOB(林盛斌)擔任代言人,棋人香港為新一輪廣告負責美術指導及多項宣傳品的設計,以黑色作主色配合裝潢格調,並以「喜怒哀樂」為主題包裝餐廳的招牌菜式。此設計與同為ET TROOP集團旗下的泰式餐廳SIAM 28屬同一系列。
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