We all know that Thermos’s vacuum insulated products have been very famous and popular all round the world. In pursuit of excellence, the brand has been moving with the time to create products that combine function and art to maximize sales. Chessman has been working closely with Thermos to create different stylish and innovative design for their products and packaging, aiming to attract new customers with effective and modern packaging design.
Thermos作為"保溫瓶”的代名詞,不斷地與時俱進、精益求精。產品除了講求實用性,亦講求外觀,以吸納不同年齡層顧客。 Chessman為Thermos不同系列保溫瓶度身設計不同時髦亮麗的外觀及包裝,貼合產品功能同時又為產品增添獨特個性。
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