Silly Fish is a smartphone game design company. Inspired by the light-hearted sense of the name, we created a cartoon character as the company’s symbol: a fish-kind of creature with a silly and funny expression. As for the logo in words we embedded a fish silhouette into the word “S” and “F”. To emphasise its technology-related nature, we applied navy blue with 3D effects.
Silly Fish是一家智能電話遊戲程式開發公司,由其名字帶出的歡樂感覺出發,我們先設計以卡通角色為主的標誌:一隻傻氣、搞笑,類似魚的生物,另外「Silly Fish 」字樣內亦嵌入魚的線條,也伸延至簡化版本的標誌上。顏色方面剛以帶3D效果的海藍為主調,強調其科技相關的性質。
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