To promote the newly released healthy Lunar New Year cookbook of the shopping mall Kolour, Chessman HK has filmed a video titled ‘Thank You for Your Love’ by inviting Bob to be the chef. From organization, concept development, shooting to post-production, Chessman HK provided a one-stop solution for fun and happiness in the New Year in terms of the contents and execution.

為配合Kolour千色匯推出的健康賀年食譜,棋人香港為其拍攝宣傳短片「愛得有『營』 - 謝謝你的愛篇」——由Bob破例挑戰擔任大廚,而Chessman HK則包辦統籌、構思、拍攝及後期製作等,在內容及表達手法上致力追求趣味性,希望為新年帶來更多歡樂。
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