睡前,大概是一日中最私人,最秘密,最需要撫慰的時刻。隨著年歲漸長,一夜長眠成為無數埋首奮鬥的都市人,最奢侈的願望。一整天受困於壓力、煩憂中,你有沒有想過,在睡前留下半刻和「自我」獨處、對話的時間?今期Chessman Post為你獻上治癒心神的一帖溫柔 ——《睡前服‧喜愛夢遊》企劃。








The time before you sleep should probably be the most private, sensitive and comfort-seeking moment to oneself. Having a good quality sleep is not that easy any more when you grow older and older, busy working days and nights under great pressure. Have you ever stop and consider to leave the time before you sleep to talk to yourself, to find peace in your mind? In this issue of Chessman Post, we will present a little tenderness to you in the form of “Siu Fay's Bedtime Stories”.

“Siu Fay's Bedtime Stories” is the ongoing new music project for Terence Siu Fay in 2017. Composers, lyricists and musicians from both Hong Kong and Macau have been invited to participate in music creation for the project. A new song would be released every month from March to December and a live mini-concert which would be livestreamed online would be held on the last Thursday of every month to perform that new song. All these 10 songs would then be collected as the new album for Siu Fay at the end of these year. Also, the songs would be performed in Siu Fay’s 10 years anniversary concert which would be held in February next year.

Different from other music livestream online done before, every episode of“Siu Fay's Bedtime Stories” would be about one specific topic and style which would go along with the new song. Sometime the performance by Siu Fay would be more sensitive, while the other time it might be more playful. Audiences would be like being taken back to the good old time when they enjoy the bedtime stories told by their parents, or to the sweet memories that all secondary school friends go to a camp together.

“The project is all about tenderness.” said BFSH, the producer for “Siu Fay's Bedtime Stories”. “Tenderness is what everyone possess. No matter if it is the tenderness for yourself or for others, it always exists but it is also the thing that we would forget easily. That’s why we hope that people could remember about the long-forgotten tenderness via the performance by Siu Fay in the moment when people are most vulnerable mentally and looking for comfort.”

There is nothing fancy or exaggerated about “Siu Fay's Bedtime Stories”. But the simple melody, the meaningful lyric and the thick and warm voice of Siu Fay combine in harmony in the mid-night to bring you the comfort you long looking for. During this process, might be it is not just the audiences, but Siu Fay could also have the chance to ease the pressure from reality for a while, showing his true self and enjoy the moment.

Might be not every songs from “Siu Fay's Bedtime Stories” would be the number 1 song in the hit music chart or the top pick when people looking for some music for party time. But they would certainly be the most touching and comforting piece you could enjoy just before you sleep. It is always true that music is the best treatment for our heart and soul.

Wish every one of you could have a good dream tonight.

Translation: Eric Wong
Art: Agnes Wong

ISSUE #159



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