時裝潮流迭變無常,但皮外套好像永遠沒有隱退下來的一天。而A-2型號的皮外套更是皮衣中的經典款式,亦為軍事文化收藏者眼中的寶物,背後盛載著空軍的歷史故事。第二次世界大戰期間,美國為報復日軍突襲珍珠港,於是派出航空母艦對東京進行空襲。由於該項任務由吉米‧杜立德(Jimmy Doolittle)中校一手策劃,故又名為「杜立德空襲」。當時,人稱「杜立德敢死隊」的幾位空軍正正是穿著A-2皮外套,而他們的戰績亦深受後人景仰。




When being asked how to define the people working in Chessman, we would spontaneously answer “colleagues”, “friends”, or even “comrades”. But think deeper for a moment. We are “ONE”. We ruminate about the same job, same project. We spend a lot of sleepless nights together. We wear exactly the same company jackets—not only hoodies, baseball jackets and windbreakers, but an A-2 leather bomber jacket. What is so special about this leather jacket? In this issue of Chessman post, we are going to share with you about it.

The fashion world keeps changing, season by season, but never do leather jackets vanish from the world. Because of the significant historical value, the A-2 jackets are so classic among all the leather jackets that many military buffs want to collect them. During the time of WWII, an air raid was carried out by the United States on Tokyo as the revenge on Japan for attacking the Harbor. Led by Jimmy Doolittle, the American aviation pioneer, this raid was also known as the “Doolittle Raid”. At that time, the “Doolittle Raiders” were highly praised for their service and courage, and they wore the A-2 jackets to take the group photo.

Finely designed with reference to the A-2 jacket, Chessman’s leather jacket has both brown and black colors to choose. With a stylistic, groovy design, the jacket evokes an extraordinary nostalgia. We hope to remind ourselves about the courage and the legend made by Doolittle and his crews whenever we wear this jacket. On the pocket of the jacket, there is one embroidery badge with an aircraft carrier and seven stars. The seven stars symbolize the Countdown Concert held in the Sai Van Lake Plaza every year, which has been organized by us for seven consecutive years. We have made every endeavor to create entertainment for others. After years and years, we have finally realized that our happiness stems from the happiness of others. In the future, we will continue to cherish every opportunity by striving our very best. During WWII, there was the “Doolittle Raiders”; now, we have the “Chessman Raiders”.

A leather jacket does not only mark the beginning of a company, but it also carries the history and legend of our company. It embodies the craftsman spirit we possess, while also showing our gratitude for each other’s work. Wish we would remember this feeling whenever we wear this A-2 leather bomber jacket.

Text: Elok Wong
Art: Agnes Wong

ISSUE #185



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