泰流來了!近年泰國電影產業崛起,而泰國廣告亦頻頻被網絡媒體轉載,短短數天便取得過百萬點撃率。做廣告,就是要掌握時間、拿捏內容、捕捉人心,可泰國的廣告卻不止於此──它們更猶如引爆情緒的炸彈,當你上一秒還在撫掌而笑,下一秒可能已哭成淚人。如此大膽、創新、幽默、感人的故事佈局,讓人過目不忘,難怪多次獲得國際廣告大獎。今期Chessman Post精選了幾個泰國廣告,與大家一起傾聽泰國人說故事。




金融服務公司Ngern Tid Lor
主角想要購物,經過短時間的網上批核,馬上把錢拿到手……這便是香港財務公司廣告慣用的套路。而Ngern Tid Lor的廣告別出心裁,它不欺騙觀眾,說明借錢是場互惠的交易──債仔取到錢,財仔從中收取利息。不過,Ngern Tid Lor更希望邀請所有人在拿到錢之後,思考自己最想做的是甚麼。想好了,就開始學習不同的知識,讓自己最終不受債務所困,重獲自由。

人壽保險公司Thai Life Insurance

Nature Gift瘦身咖啡


The Thai wave is sweeping across the world! There is a rapid growth in Thailand’s film industry these years, and Thai commercials are also being spread by different social media platforms, with a hundred thousand of click-through rate each. The purpose of a commercial is to grasp the timing right, get the message right, and gain the hearts of people right. Thai commercials do more than that—they are like bombs which detonates our emotions. We may break into laughter at first, but burst into tears at last. With such innovative, creative, humorous and touching story settings, it is no wonder that Thai commercials always receive international awards. This week, we have hand-picked some of the good ones for you to appreciate.

Japanese commercials are probably the most noteworthy in Asia, as they fully demonstrate the whimsical imaginations, as well as the detail-mindedness of Japanese people. Meanwhile, the American and European commercials are also famous for the concise and relaxing style. Different from the above-mentioned, Thai commercials are good at ramping up the dramatic tension of simple stories, so as to arouse people’s resonance. Normally speaking, the duration of a TV commercial is around 30 seconds, and yet Thai commercials refuse to go with the flow. Many of them last for at least 10 minutes, and the plots involve twists and turns, making the stories as compact as a micro movie. Set in everyday life, the stories of Thai commercials are always mind-blowing.

Thai people are generally optimistic, light-hearted and humorous. Remember the Thai cave incident, which 13 young man were trapped in a flooded cave? I was profoundly touched by the boys. Staying in a dark, dirty cave without enough food, they did not grumble about anything, but smiled at the reporters and cameras after they were rescued. Even though they had suffered from the serious mishap, they were still very positive about the future. These personality traits are perfectly embodied in their commercials.

Advice, a retail and wholesale distributor of smart phones and IT goods
As a leading retail and wholesale distributor of IT products in Thailand, Advice uses this commercial to fulfill its social responsibility. Two parents wanted to buy a tablet for their 5-year-old kid, however, the salesperson of Advice asked them to take it 7 years later and explained that it was important to spend time with children. This commercial not only shows the salesperson would provide good advices for the customers, but also allows audiences to reflect their parenting methods. As more and more parents would let their children play smartphones all the time, there is a need for someone to come out and change this mindset. Advice made this commercial in a reverse perspective by asking people not to buy its products, making people deeply impressed.

Ngern Tid Lor, a financial services company
The protagonist wants to go shopping, and his or her request is approved by the company promptly......this is the plot of the commercials of many financial services companies in Hong Kong. The commercial of Ngern Tid Lor is totally different. It tells audiences that both the debtors and the company would get their benefits, but that is not the only thing Ngern Tid Lor wants. It invites debtors to sit down and think about what they wants to do most once they get the money. Then, they should start to acquire different knowledge, until one day, they pay off all the debits and regain freedom.

Thai Life Insurance
The commercials of life insurance companies are usually touching. Yet Thai Life Insurance is able to produce a unique and impressive one. The commercial was about a girl who did not want to have a deaf-mute father. She was sometimes teased by her classmates because of that, and therefore she always ignored her father. Later, she realized her father would do everything to save her life after an accident, and she was very moved. This story is not an innovator, but definitely a tearjerker. It is a silent commercial which allows audiences to feel and think about parent’s love.

Natural Gift Slimming Coffee
The commercial was about two girls who were ignored by their crushes, thus they wanted to have plastic surgery to make themselves look pretty. Apart from the funny acting of two hilarious actresses, this story could also arouse people’s resonance. Nowadays, a lot of women would spend a huge amount of money on plastic surgery, but they have forgotten one important fact – beauty standards frequently change over time. Instead of becoming others, why not drink a cup of slimming coffee constantly, and be a better self? Girls do not have to max themselves out in chasing boys.

Text: Elok Wong
Art: Agnes Wong

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