數字是客觀、準確的,人的感受則是主觀、變幻無常的。然而,予人冰冷感覺的數字中,也許藏著一個個難以忘卻的回憶。漫長的年月裡,數字紀錄了我們那些意義非凡的日子,讓我們與彼此分享珍貴的回憶。旅德日本藝術家塩田千春擅長於大型裝置藝術中使用鋼絲構成一張張有形的網,透過黑、白與紅鋼絲表達抽象概念。近日於波蘭博物館所展出的裝置藝術《Counting Memories》,就以數字和鋼絲帶領觀者共同細數回憶。

踏進鋼絲線條交織洋溢的房間,仿如進入了一個朦朧神秘的空間內。黑色的密網內,懸浮於半空中的數字就如夜空中閃耀的星辰般,引領著觀者一步步走進回憶的絲網中。飄浮的密網底下是九組木製桌椅,每張桌上都有一疊寫著不同問題的白紙,喚起讀者的回憶 ——






《Counting Memories》目前在波蘭 Katowice展出至 明年 4 月 26 日,而她在東京森美術館的個展《 The Soul Trembles 》也將在亞洲進行巡迴展出至2021 年。各位若有興趣,可到訪她的 Instagram (@chiharushiota) 或Facebook ( @Chiharu Shiota 塩田千春)查看展覽最新動態。


Numbers gives us an impression of objectivity and concreteness, while human emotions are inseparable from imagination and subjectivity. However, numbers are not emotionless. They record every significant moment in our life. No matter we are on cloud nine or at rock bottom, numbers give us opportunity to share the precious moments with people around us. Chiharu Shiota, a Japanese artist who lives and works in Berlin, uses threads in her works to share her emotions and ideas by inviting viewers to wander around her installation. The Japanese artist has recently prepared ‘Counting Memories’, a site-specific installation that connects each individual universally.

Entering into the galley space with countless intertwined wires and threads, visitors are as if walking into a mysterious and hazy space. There are nine desks in the room, and wires emerge from each desk, forming a dark cloud that consumes the entire upper part of the room with high ceilings; inside the tangled cloud we can find numbers entangled. Visitors can pass under the arches and sit in front of the desks, all of the special and valuable memories will be evoked by answering the specific questions on the stacks of paper placed on each desk.

Which number has meaning to you and why?
What is the most important number?
What number defines you?
Do numbers tell us who we are?
Do numbers tell the truth?
How many memories do you have? How many stars exist in the universe?

Shiota hopes to connect people by giving people an opportunity to share dates that are important to us. Visitors are invited to sit down and spend some time to think about the questions on the papers. They are welcomed to write down their thoughts and feelings as well.

‘Each number defines us individually but also connects us universally. Numbers comfort us, we share dates that are important to us, and they help us understand ourselves. Our history is collected through numbers.’ Shiota tries to visualize the universe within this space, and at the same time let viewer reflect on their inner self, on their life, past, present and future and see beyond the object that is displayed in front of them.

In addition to Counting Memories, which is on view through April 26, 2020 in Katowice, Pola,. Shiota’s solo exhibition The Soul Trembles will also be touring Asia until 2021. Follow along with Shiota’s new work and global travels on Instagram (@chiharushiota) and Facebook.

Text: Natalie Hui
Art: Agnes Wong

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